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About this.that

this.that creates immersive environments, specializing in volumetric displays, animatronic exhibits and tangible interfaces. To this end, this.that develops custom software and hardware.

this.that is the online home of engineer Neil 'nils' Hickey.  His work has ranged from building out animatronic Christmas windows for Tiffany's flagship store in NYC, programming AR applications for Intel to developing control interfaces for Hitachi and GE.

Neil has worked for Makerbot Industries, Perch Interactive and Haskins Laboratories at Yale University and currently is a Technology Director at American Express Company.



At this.that it all begins with a space – either physical or virtual.
For each product or project we work on, our unique research driven approach allows us to map out a solution space that informs our design and technology decisions.


For this.that design is the process of taking a desire and mapping it into a tangible, gratifying reality.
Our specific approach is unique for each project as we believe that each project defines its own set of parameters.


Sometimes this.that will act as consultants focusing on technology solutions.
We can help you transform clunky legacy systems into a nimble fleet of micro-architectures. Our and research-driven block and tackle approach enables us to enable you.


Every solution needs an implementation. For many studios that's where their work stops. This is where this.that really begins their work. Once we have defined a solution space and mathced this with a design, we build your custom solution.

Research & Development

We're not selfish. We are happy to share our experience and assist you with your custom development needs.
We specialize in projection systems, big-data platforms, and custom fabrication for a variety of applications.

Digital Fabrication

We also focus on cutting edge fabrication and modelling techniques. Anything from the micron to the meter is fair game for us.
We have access to the latest and greates equipment in our facilities including laser-cutters, 3d-printers, and CNC mills to engineer your custom solution.


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